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Skills Training

We have weekly group trainings that we work on enhancing players skills and knowledge of the game. All levels are welcome! Check down below for the time & date that fits your player best. We have Group Trainings every week for players from grades 1st-12th. Check out our schedule and sign up below, open to everyone!

Tuesday & Thursday

1st-3rd Grade 4-5:00pm 

3rd-4th Grade 5-6:00pm

5th-6th Grade 6-7:00pm

7th Grade Boys & 7th/8th Grade Girls  7-8:00pm 

8th Grade & HS Boys  8-9:00pm 

April Wednesday

HS Girls 3:30-5pm 

HS Trainings will return in March when they are finished with their school seasons

If it is your first time attending, fill out a form below to notify us you are coming. Then fill out a liability form, you can pay for the trainings when you arrive for training the first day.  We will see you here!

Game Plan

Skills Training Packages

1 Training  $20

8 Trainings  $120

5 Trainings  $80

12 Trainings  $180

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